About The Project

The main goal of the project Visegrád Group and the Central European Cooperation that is implemented with the support of International Visegrád Fund (IVF), is to strengthen the knowledge of students within the M.A. Programme „Political Science“ at the Metropolitan University Prague, and interested students from related study programmes such as International Relations and European Studies and Humanities. The M.A. Programme in Politics at the MUP was established in 2010 and since the very beginning the curricula strongly focus on Central European Politics, mainly on domestic politics and comparative analysis of political institutions such as constitutions, political actors, governments and government coalitions, political culture etc. Nevertheless, the curricula does not include a targeted course stressing the specific basis and nature of cooperation among the Visegrád group. This absence includes especially foreign and security policy strategies and its coordination vis á vis such actors as the EU, NATO and other international bodies. Such international approach, including also the state of art analysis of Central European civil society and analysis of similarities and differences within the Visegrád group countries ‘political institutions will enrich the knowledge of the students. Next to the course the team of scholars from Visegrád countries will prepare also book on the recent development in Visegrád policies.

Visegrád Group and the Central European Cooperation